AUTOCONTROL is the independent advertising self-regulatory organisation (SRO) in Spain, established in 1995 as a non-for-profit association. It is comprised of advertisers, advertising agencies, media and professional associations and its goal is to work for responsible advertising: truthful, legal, honest and loyal.

At the moment, it has almost  550 direct members and 2,000 indirect ones, which are related with approximately 70% of the advertising investment in Spain.

From its beginnings, AUTOCONTROL manages the Spanish system of self-regulation of commercial communication on the basis of three main instruments:

Our activities include:

  • The handling of complaints with regard to commercial communications, submitted by consumers, consumer associations, businesses and public offices.
  • The advice to companies, through tools such as Copy Advice® (advice on the deontological and legal compliance of non-broadcast advertising campaigns before their broadcast); Cookie Advice® (technical and legal advice on the use of cookies); Data Advice® (technical and legal advice on data protection) and Web Advic (advice on compliance with advertising regulations on websites).
  • Training, providing courses and seminars addressed not only to law or advertising professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of advertising regulations or be updated in the same, but also to recent graduates who want to orient their professional career in this field.

Moreover, AUTOCONTROL actively collaborates, within the framework of the agreements it has signed, with several national, autonomous and municipal administrations that are competent in the control of advertising activity.



Prior consultation: since its launch, AUTOCONTROL has received more than 286,500 requests, from which 224,000 were Copy Advice® requests.

A posteriori control: since its creation, the AUTOCONTROL Advertising Jury has resolved more than 4,100 cases, in an average time of 14 days in the first instance.