Cookie Advice® is a service created by AUTOCONTROL in order to support the compliance of websites, with the regulation on “cookies and data storage and retrieval devices”.

A technical and a legal examination is made on the first and third party cookies served by the website/platform. The issued report contains:
– A classification of http cookies (based on their finality)
– The legal conclusions of the exam
– Recommendations of modifications, drafting of cookie policy to adapt the information about cookies that should be provided to users, which generally consists of an information banner of cookies at a first layer and a draft of a cookie policy at a second layer.

Once the report is received, telephone or email inquiries may be made for half an hour to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations. If the company needs more legal advice, an extension of hours can be requested. The Cookie Advice® service can also be hired including a prepaid bundle of consulting service.

In case of requesting the prepaid bundle of hours, the company will receive a compliance report that will help showing accountability according to the GDPR requirements.

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Compliance with the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the Organic Law on Data Protection and the General Regulation on Data Protection are verified; taking into account, in addition, the Guide on the use of cookies, published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and the opinions of WG29.

Moreover, there is a European regulation in processing period that in the future may affect these devices, such as the ePrivacy Regulation. Learn about the impacts and adjustments to be made in

The Guide on the use of cookies recommends resorting to specialised associations or entities in order to make a periodic technical and legal consultation and whenever there are significant changes with regard to cookies.

The adaptation of the website to the recommendations contained in the Cookie Advice® report may serve companies to demonstrate accountability.

AUTOCONTROL also provides:
– Website multidisciplinary examination, legal and technical.
– High specialization in the digital advertising environment.
– More than 500 clients and 7 years of experience.